Guanghua Leadership Institute

Cisco and Peking University formed the Guanghua Leadership Institute in April 2008, pledging US $20M investment over three to five years to:

  • Cultivate thought leadership and create a global knowledge exchange to foster replicable models
  • Utilize a technology-enabled collaborative environment that blends Chinese culture and Western ideas
  • Unlock China's potential for the individual, the enterprise, and the state
Long Term Spotlight

The Guanghua Leadership Institute's three main focus areas are enabled by technology and leverage Peking University and Cisco's resources and expertise:

  • Executive Education Programs: Developed in collaboration with China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), these experiential education programs for senior government leaders and enterprise executive focus on growing leadership competencies and organizational capabilities that will enable China to achieve its sustainable growth and globalization goals.
  • Research: An indigenous research function is being established at Guanghua Leadership Institute to facilitate China's move from a manufacturing-based economy to an innovation-based economy. This research will be conducted independently as well as through partnerships with global research and academic leaders.
  • Collaborative Exchange: In-person and virtual global collaboration exchanges will enable business leaders, academic experts and industry luminaries to discuss key business issues, development concepts, and opportunities in China.

Why Cisco

Cisco envisions a future where the intelligent use of networking architectures can transform society by boosting productivity and spurring economic growth. Cisco can utilize its strengths and abilities to actively promote China's high-tech industry and encourage collaboration with relevant Chinese organizations to support research and development, leadership development, and information exchanges.

About the Guanghua Leadership Institute

The Guanghua Leadership Institute was created to develop the next generation of Chinese state and enterprise leaders, the Institute fosters sustainable innovation, leadership and globalization for emerging markets.

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