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The Internet of Everything

Cisco defines the Internet of Everything (IoE) as bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before.


"Bring your own device" (BYOD) is the new mantra of employees who are empowered to innovate the way they work, using the technology tools they prefer.

Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models

Insights from Cisco/Intel Study of 4,226 IT Leaders Across 18 Industries and Nine Key Economies.

Next-Generation Knowledge Workers 
Accelerating the Disruption in Business Mobility

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A Model of BYOD's Benefits to Global Companies


CCS's latest thought leadership for the research and economics industry, featuring proven solutions to daunting business challenges—and the roadmap for achieving success.

Industry Thought Leadership

SMB Public Cloud Adoption: Opening a Hidden Market 
Public cloud service providers that offer SaaS capabilities to micro-SMBs will uncover a large incremental—and highly profitable—market.
SMB Cloud Adoption Sequel 

Decision-Driven Collaboration 
Insights from CCS Horizons Collaboration Research
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The 21st Century Corporation 
Using Business Virtualization To Unleash the True Power of Innovation

Video Extends the Classroom 
Video Solutions Help Schools Reach and Teach Students More Effectively Despite Tighter Budgets

Video Improves K-12 Education Outcomes Without Breaking Budgets 
How Video Solutions Help Teachers Extend Their Reach and Effectiveness

Video Solves Key Challenges in Higher Education 
Video Solutions Help Universities Improve Instruction and Expand Reach Without Straining Tuitions or Budgets

Want Growth? Build Online Stores 
How traditional retailers can fuel growth through online expansion.

The Health of Nations: Perspectives from Global Leaders Reveal Untapped Opportunity  
CCS and Princeton Survey Research Associates International surveyed more than 100 senior leaders from 16 nations.

My Shopping, My Way - Are You Ready for the Tech-Shaped Consumer?
Retailers are responding to technology-savvy consumers by combining Web-like and in-store shopping experiences.
Point of View
Survey Findings (United States)
Survey Findings (United Kingdom)
Survey Report

Winning the Battle for the Wealthy Investor: CCS Study Uncovers Significant Opportunity To Address Needs of Wealthy Under-50 Investors
Technology-Enabled Interactions Key to Attracting and Retaining Critical Customer Segment of Wealthy Under-50 Investors
Point of View
Survey Report

The World, the Economy, and You: New Opportunities for Technology-Driven Business Transformation 
Four technologies have the greatest potential to spur transformation for global enterprises within the next two to three years: mobile Internet, business analytics, social networking, and cloud computing.

Economics Thought Leadership

Economic Value of Making the Right Customer Satisfaction  
Assessing the Economic Value of Making the Right Customer Satisfaction Decisionsâ€â€ï¿½and the Impact of Dissatisfaction on Churn

Embracing the Internet of Everything To Capture Your Share of $14.4 Trillion  
More Relevant, Valuable Connections Will Improve Innovation, Productivity, Efficiency & Customer Experience
Key Insights 

The World, the Economy, and You: New Opportunities for Technology-Driven Business Transformation 

Riding the Cloud To Improve Your Top- and Bottom-Line Economics 
The steps required for successful cloud adoption, including an interactive tool to help organizations assess IT and business benefits.

Economics of Collaboration at Cisco 
FY10 Web 2.0 Collaboration Case Studies presentation

Comparing the Business Impact of Various Video Solutions 
Many businesses are currently introducing remote collaboration video solutions for a broad range of benefits. With such a variety of choices of video solutions, how should business executives decide which solutions are best for which users?

Using Video Collaboration Capabilities To Optimize the Value of Remote Advisers 
Remote-adviser models are gaining attention as private- and public-sector organizations seek to complement, replace, scale, or extend the reach of knowledge workers and subject-matter experts.

Examining the Business Case for Remote Advisers 

UC Investments Pay for Themselves in 3-5 Years 
To make their case for technology Investments, IT customers demand tangible value from "hard cost" reduction: hard cost savings they can report externally.

UC Value Knowledge Workers Site Density 
The profitability of UC investments increases with the percentage of knowledge workers by industry and will employee population density by site.

Cost-Effectively Delivering Mobile Internet in Urban Areas 
Continuing to meet user demand for mobile Internet through traditional cellular technology (multiplying cell sites) will start to prove costly; failing to invest will degrade the user experience and may result in churn to a competitor providing a more satisfactory service.

Building the Business Case for Smart Transportation 
This paper calculates the costs and benefits of providing passengers with improved information, and shows a net benefit of around $100 each day for a medium-sized airport.

TelePresence Value Calculator 
How much greenhouse gas can Cisco TelePresence help me avoid? How long does it take for Cisco TelePresence to pay for itself? Calculate your numbers.

TelePresence Green Business Value Tool 
Use this interactive tool to calculate the economic and green value of using Cisco TelePresence in your organization.

The CCS App Zone provides a set of interactive tools designed to help you examine the costs and benefits of different technologies for our customers. We have classified the tools into Cisco's five priorities and encourage you to download and experiment with the apps. Our goal is to highlight some of the economic issues associated with the solutions and contribute to the economic logic of the overall technology story.

Assessing Benefits of Remote Expert 
Explores the benefits and value of a Remote Expert solution based on key inputs about your organization.

Cisco Private Cloud Benefits Calculator 
Measures business benefits of private cloud computing based on the size and needs of your organization.

Telework Calculator 
Estimates the benefits from introducing Telework into an organization.

The Financial Impact of BYOD
A Model of BYOD's Benefits to Global Companies

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